all nightmare long

D E A D • O N • T H E • I N S I D E
jung daehyun ∙ nineteen ∙ fallen
roommates with arcana ∙ third world
broken promise ∙ other ∙ kid brother
key to my heart


multi-para & novella ∙ inbox for either ∙ no script/action please

((ooc; you guys make it sound like I just got married lol))

April 02, 2013 - 10:46pm [1 year ago]

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#why are you guys like this #noted
  1. death-niel said: LMFAO. WE’RE SO FUCKING AWESOME. You gotta love us.
  2. death-hyunjoong said: oh god this is rich hahaha
  3. death-kevin said: GOLD LOL
  4. death-ricky said: dying lol we’re so lame.
  5. death-hyungjun said: ROFL
  6. death-chunji said: AHAHAHA.
  7. death-junhong said: LMFAO. It’s a good thing our group isn’t quite complete yet. Can you imagine the amount of spam you’d get in your inbox? It’d be like Chanhee’s 400 asks lol
  8. ala-sehun said: Come on, join the married life~
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